Jan 10, 2013

Access a windows share from CentOS

Sometimes Linux users wants to connect to a windows share and copy something from it. To do this, we have two options. One is to use the graphical user interface (GUI). The second option is to use the terminal or the command line. Both of these have there own good and bad.

What ever the method is, you need to install two packages to do this task. Those are "samba-client" and "samba-common". You can use yum to install those packages.

If you want to access '\\host\folder' Windows share from the command line, do it like this.

smbclient //host/folder -U username

if it prompt something like this "smb:\>", you have successfully connected to the share folder. Then type help to get more information.

If you want to access the same folder via the GUI, you need to open a nautilus window and type;


Then it will prompt you to give the doman/workgroup and the password. If those are correct you can use the windows share successfully.

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