Nov 25, 2011

Login error when installing MSSQL 2008

I try to instal MSSQL 2008 server on Windows XP SP3.
Installation is fine but at the end it prompts an error like this.

"           ' ' is not a valid login or you do not have permission.               " 

I use "NT Authentication\System" and I add the current user to the SQL server administrators section.

Then I read some forums and found my "user name" and "pchost name" are same. It appears like "myname\myname". It may be the issue. I created a new admin user with a different name and try to re-install the server again.

There were no errors. Finally I realize, if I try the default Administrator account to install SQL server it will not create an unnecessary account.

My opinion is :-

  • Remove the SQL server.
  • Log out from the user.
  • Then press two times Alt+Ctrl+Del.
  • Then type "administrator" as the username and press enter (If you have setup the password to the administrator account you need to give it.)
  • Start the installation.
  • Use NT Authentication\System.
  • Give a password to the SA (default) account.
  • Add current user.
  • And continue.

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