Sep 16, 2010

Installing a proxy server

Proxy is used to control network trafic and access controling. It will increase the network speed by caching the websites which freequently access by the users. It can also restrict ip addresses as well as protocls.

squid-cache is a proxy server which we can freely download and use.

You can download this by visiting the website .

Download a stable vertion of squid.
There may by some distribution which are still on testing.

If you download a tar file decompress it.
Then change the directory to the squid director.

Now you can read the INSTALL file. It will say to run configuratoion file.
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/

This instalation will be placed in /user/local/ directory.
then type;
make all
Now you must switch to super user mode.
For that;
su -
After that;
make install

Now the instalation will run.
After the instalation you must customised the squid.conf file. It will be located in;

In that folder you may see some examples and those things will help you to do your task.

Then run the squid by typping

In that time if some permition error occure you may goto the directory,
Then add a user and a group call squid by typing

useradd squid
groupadd squid

then type
chown squid -R var
chgrp qsuid -R var

And also change line of the squid.conf which like
#cache_effective_user nobody to
cache_effective_user squid

Then try to restart the squid.

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