Sep 2, 2010

Git - get some ones project and edit it.

We can download a git project edit that thing. To do that we must;
$git clone remort_URL Our_destinatioon_folder
bob$git clone git:// ~/vlc_clone

This will save a clone of vlc in the directory called vlc_clone.

Now you can edit that clone and commit.
If some other person is also involving on editing this clone he/she can get the Bob's edited git by using;

alise$git pull /home/bob/vlc_clone master

This will merges the changes of Bob's Master branch with Alise's current branch.

alise$git fetch /home/bob/vlc_clone master
alise$git log -p HEAD..FETCH_HEAD
This is more safer than just pulling if alise has not committed her editings.
By typing;
alise$gitk HEAD..FETCH_HEAD
Alise can see what are the changes Bob had done for the original clone.

alise$git remort add bob /home/bob/vlc_clone
By this Alice can add bob's clone without merging with her own branch.

alise$git fetch bob
In this it will simply create an extra branch without merging them with any of Alise's branchers.
In that case we must use:
alise$git log -p master..bob/master
in order to see the changers which Bob had make. Then if Alise need to merg them she can use;
$git pull . remortes/bob/master

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