Aug 26, 2010

More on Emacs

Auto save
In emacs ther is a recovery mechanisum which is usefull if the system crashes while editing something.
When you need to recover something; it was saved in a format of "#file_name#". So you only need to open this file. But note if you save a file, this #file# will deleted by the emacs.

Mode line
--:** TUTORIAL 63% L749 (TEXT)------------------

63% :- indicates the current position of the document.
** :- indicates that you have edit the document
L749:- indicates the line number of the point
(TEXT):-_give an idea of the mode that you'r editing

Emacs can search for strings. To search;
Ctrl + s
this will pormpt to input characters you need to search. While you are typing it will highlight the words.
By pressing Ctrl+s again and again you can switch between highlighted words.

Getting help
Ctrl+h ? - will list what kind of a help you need.

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